About Maggie Culp 

Currently assisting West Virginia and NASPA - Student Affairs in Higher Education to implement the Lumina-funded DegreeNow Project, Maggie Culp is a seasoned professional who has assisted over 50 colleges, universities, and state systems to become more effective, efficient, data-based, and outcomes-oriented. Co-editor of Building a Culture of Evidence in Student Affairs (Fall 2012), Community College Student Affairs: What Really Matters (2005), Life at the Edge of the Wave:Lessons from the Community College (1998), and Promoting Student Success in the Two-Year College (1995), Dr. Culp currently is co-editing Increasing Adult Learner Persistence and Completion Rates, which NASPA will publish in 2014She also has contributed chapters to many publications, including Exceptional Senior Student Affairs Leadership: Strategies and Competencies for Success (Dungy & Ellis, 2011) and the award-winningTeam Building for Quality (George Baker and Associates, 1995). During her thirty-year career as a vice-president, dean, faculty member, and teacher in FL, TX, VA, and MA, Maggie Culp earned the reputation of being a creative problem solver; an effective change agent; a learning-centered and outcomes-oriented practitioner; and an exceptional communicator, leader, and manager. 

A nationally recognized leader in student affairs, Maggie Culp is experienced in building seamless learning environments, assessing institutional climates, creating cultures of evidence, and using technology effectively in non-classroom support service areas. During her career, she served on eighteen Southern Association Reaffirmation Teams (SACS), created a student affairs program recognized by SACS as a "model for the nation," designed a student success model adopted by many colleges across the country, led a major computer conversion (legacy to an ERP system) that was labeled a "best practice" implementation, and was instrumental in building productive partnerships between academic and student affairs.  The recipient of numerous state and national awards, Dr. Culp twice won the  Pyramid Award for Outstanding Student Affairs Programing from ACPA, NASPA and AACC and was a two-time recipient of the Outstanding Institutional Advising Program Award from NACADA. Dr. Culp has motivated and educated thousands with her presentations at national and state conventions, designed and facilitated hundreds of workshops for educators and business leaders, and assisted over fifty colleges and universities to begin the process of creating seamless, learning-centered, outcomes-oriented, data-based institutions.  

Maggie Culp earned an M.A. in Counseling, an Ed.S. in Educational Administration, and an Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction (with concentrations in Psychology, Research and Statistics, and Educational Leadership).  She is MBTI certified, TQM and Baldrige trained, and has written extensively about a variety of topics from assessment to strategic planning to using the MBTI in business and education.  Dr. Culp's current writing and research efforts focus on three areas: building cultures of evidence,  designing seamless higher education experiences for students, and creating support services for post-traditional students. She can be reached at maggieculp@aol.com.