Consulting, Conference Presentations, Executive Coaching, and Workshops  

Offered by Dr. Maggie Culp ( nationally recognized educator, author, and consultant.

What Clients Say about Maggie Culp

"In 1982, Maggie Culp built one of the first cultures of evidence in student affairs.  This makes her an early adopter and one of those rare professionals who has 'walked the walk,' rather than just 'talking the talk.' Our university benefitted enormously from her knowledge, her dynamic personality, and her belief in the importance of student affairs." University Vice-Chancellor 

"When we found Maggie Culp, we discovered pure gold."  State Higher Education Leader 

"Hands down, Maggie Culp is the most effective, productive, hard working and inspirational consultant/ speaker with whom I have worked--and she gets results."  CEO/College President 

"Maggie Culp continues to be one of the most inspiring and productive educators in the country.  A few minutes talking to Maggie about teaching, learning, or student affairs will crank up the energy level of anyone."  University Professor and Author

"Maggie Culp is unique.  She handles people and data with ease, has worked in and is comfortable with both academic and student affairs, and is an inspiring leader and facilitator."  University Vice-Chancellor  

"The first call a new Senior Student Affairs Officer makes should be to Maggie Culp." College SSAO

"In a dynamic hands-on presentation, Maggie Culp helped faculty members understand why creating a culture of evidence in the classroom was a logical step for anyone who cared about learning, and then showed them how to do it. No mess, no fuss...lots of fun...faculty engaged and excited.  You can't ask for more."  Senior Academic Affairs Officer 

"My supervisor dragged me into Dr. Culp's workshop.  I really had more important things to do.  Within fifteen minutes, I was hooked.  Dr. Culp is not your average consultant: she knows her stuff, has been in the trenches, and really cares about students, faculty, and staff.  I don't care how much she costs, bring her back."  Student Affairs Staff

"Maggie Culp accomplished more in three hours with our management team than higher-priced business consultants accomplished in a week.  She did her homework, created a climate in which everyone felt safe and valued, helped staff members face the truth about themselves and others...and she was great fun..."   (CEO) 

"Maggie Culp is the consummate professional with an extraordinary ability to create a vision...and to communicate in such a way that she builds trust and a foundation upon which discussions flourish, agreements are reached, and decisions made."   Chancellor, State Community College System  

"Our system would not be where it is in relation to designing and implementing a culture of evidence in Student Affairs without the assistance of Maggie Culp.  She is a masterful programmer, presenter, and organizer who understands both student and institutional needs, how to create programs and services to meet these needs, and how to intelligently and effectively demonstrate the contributions of Student Affairs to the institution."   District Vice-Chancellor 

"Maggie Culp is an energetic, innovative, and inspirational presenter who knows how to connect with, teach, and motivate her audience.  She gets results, and she makes sure that participants enjoy the whole experience."  College President

"Maggie Culp exemplifies the unique combination of being a visionary and a thinker out of the box, but wanting to measure satisfaction with and the effectiveness of programs and services.  She gets things done!"   College President 

"Maggie Culp facilitated an eight-hour retreat for our college.  Participants included 150 faculty, support staff, and administrators.  Everyone participated. No one left early.  Faculty and staff are still communicating with Dr. Culp via e-mail.  And she got results. Enough said."   College President   

"After I talked with Maggie Culp, I had high expectations for her visit to our college.  I can honestly say that she exceeded those expectations, and that the college got more value from her visit than from many of the high-priced consultants with whom we had worked in the past."  Community College Vice-President 

"This was more than a workshop.  What we did today will change how the participants view one another, their positions, and the district--and have a profound impact on what we do and how we do it." Chancellor's Executive Team

"Maggie Culp helped me to become a more effective SSAO and inspired me to become a better educator and colleague."  College Vice-President

"Maggie Culp understands words and numbers. She helped our SA staff use both in telling the student affairs story and in documenting that area's value to the district." VP for Institutional Effectiveness